Endorsed by the Aurora Police Association

To the people of Aurora,

I wanted to take a minute to endorse Russ Wagner for City Council. I have known Russ for many years and respect him tremendously. He has personal integrity at a level that’s very uncommon at this point in history. His commitment to do what is right in any situation is unquestionable, and is reflected in the way he is raising his children and his dedication to his family.

His desire to help the people of Aurora and our beautiful state has led him to enter the arena of politics where all too often integrity is for sale. I am confident that with Mr. Wagner, truth will always be foremost and he can’t be bought. Of course that sort of behavior can make for rough waters in the day to day grind of being on the city council, but I know he will not only navigate through, but will also have the strength to stand up and calm the storms that are an inevitable part of this type of job.

I can say these things about this man because we have both been faced with one of the most unimaginable tragedies a husband and father could ever have to endure, and I admire him for how he has handled himself in the aftermath. It is a testament to the man and his faith that he has returned from the devastation to the point that he’s in the position to seek this challenging office for those of us who live or work in our wonderful city.


Dr. Jeffrey Brunner

Atlas First Chiropractic


Russ Wagner is a candidate that I endorse for Aurora City Council, and I would like to personally invite you to this kick-off event.

Russ first reached out to me almost a year ago, and has proven in that time that he is not afraid to take on difficult issues head-on and is not afraid of hard work. He is a pro-business voice who will be instrumental in helping Aurora move forward. I believe that he will make an excellent Council Member and hope you take the time to get to know him as well.

Bob Roth