Economic Development

Aurora is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work and do business. With the new light rail line connecting Aurora to the greater metro area, the city is now more attractive than ever to new and expanding companies. I recognize the importance of fostering the key industries already established here, and see the opportunity for the city to attract businesses from new industries as well.  

Our commitment to economic development and attracting new businesses to drive job growth is absolutely a priority. We should continue to support the small businesses that operate in our community and help drive economic prosperity for all citizens.  

I will work to ensure that Aurora remains a great place to do business for all sizes and types of companies.


Public Safety

As a US Navy veteran and state certified hazmat emergency responder, I understand and appreciate the sacrifice that emergency personnel make to keep us all safe. Today’s law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel face incredible challenges in doing this. 

From my experience, I know first hand how important it is to have the right resources available, whether it is training, equipment, staffing, or other needs. We need to collaborate to ensure we set our emergency personnel up for success, while being mindful that the citizens of Aurora receive the very best services for their tax dollar.

I am committed to supporting our public safety professionals and the rapidly-evolving challenges we face, so that Aurora can remain one of the safest large cities in Colorado and the nation.

Responsible Vision for the Future

As Aurora continues to grow, it’s important that we handle growth responsibly and conscientiously to preserve not only our resources, but our heritage too. I have extensive experience in manufacturing, utilities, and industrial settings, and will leverage my knowledge to protect our natural resources and safeguard Aurora’s future.  As a certified water professional, I bring my knowledge of water treatment, purification, and distribution to ensure that our most vital resource is preserved. 

I believe in the responsible use, maintenance, and expansion of our critical infrastructure. 



Community & Quality of Life

Aurora is truly a great place to live. Our diversity as a community is one of our greatest strengths, and together we can leverage that asset to build our future. I will focus on engaging Auroras citizens with all the city has to offer.  As more millennials call Aurora home, it is important that we capture this younger generation’s passion and perspective – while ensuring that we benefit from the wisdom and experience of our older population.  Our parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities afford citizens with a multitude of activities – all while being located within the natural beauty of Colorado. Maintaining our facilities and improving and maintaining infrastructure while protecting natural resources is my focus.  

I want to encourage all citizens to be involved in our community to make it the best place to live, work, and play.